"Outdoor Celebrations" Garden Tour 2016

2016 was the 75th anniversary of the founding of The Farmington Garden Club. In celebration, a spectacular garden tour entitled "Outdoor Celebrations" took place the weekend of June 10-11, featuring eight private gardens. The last FGC tour was in 2004.  Many of the gardens had never before been open to the public, and others have rarely been shown. There was also an exciting boutique and plant sale. 

Funds raised during this event will be used to assist in the rebuilding the Village Green once construction is complete on the Route 4 entry into Farmington. 

farmington life 1.png

The gardens on tour were chosen because they had special outdoor living spaces set for outdoor entertaining that exemplified the theme "Outdoor Celebrations."  Homeowners had garden and patio spaces set for outdoor entertaining, relaxation or family enjoyment. 

Farmington Life 3.png
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Some of the gardens are maintained by homeowners,  giving visitors an idea of what they can do themselves. Others are professionally maintained for the WOW factor.